Find Insurance in Anita, IA

Brocker, Karns & Karns, Inc. located in Anita Iowa is our original office location.  We are staffed with multiple licensed agents who will help make your experience easy and personable.  Because we are independent agents we have access to multiple credible insurance companies.  The freedom of choice will help us find you the best coverages, for the lowest rates.  Having a personal insurance agent is free and we will be here to service your policies and make sure you are getting quality insurance.  Let us protect you, your family, and your business.  Request a free quote today.  You will be glad you did.

Our Agents in Anita

Chris Karns
(712) 762-4191
Nick Karns
(712) 762-4191
Steve Sisler
(712) 762-4191
Trista Emgarten
(712) 762-4191
Melissa Smart
Agent/CSR/Steve's Assistant
(712) 762-4191
Amber Gundy
Agent/Claims Manager/Office Manager
(712) 762-4191
Nellie Beattie
Personal Lines Agent
(712) 762-4191

contact information

104 Chestnut Street
Anita, IA 50020
Phone: (712) 762-4191
Toll Free: (800) 369-5822
Fax: (712) 762-4227
Email Address: click to email us